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Noted: 4/1/09
History of Wanakena Ranger School

Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.
-pics of building then and now
-explain what happened to the Corp. and why it shut down
-more in depth about the Corp.


Kerr Family
-explain why they were so significant to history
-all the different businesses that where run
-pics of the family

Local Ski Area
-find more info on what happened to the ski area
pics of the area now

Oswegatchie Then and Now
-take some pics out
-explain the town

Past Businesses
-more pics
-explain the businesses not just list

-change whole page-wrong
-pics of recreational spots
-tell about the campground

Schuler's Potato Chips
-fix pics
-find more info

Spike the Indian
-find more info
-more pics

C-F Leo and Lions Clubs
-page needs information

Civic Oganizations
-page needs more information and some pics
We arleady took care of all the histories of Star Lake.