Schuler Pretzel & Potato Chip Company started in 1932 in Rochester Ny.
The Schuler family acquired a 4,500-acre woodlot here before World War II. Originally from Steuben County, Andrew Schuler made his fortune as a pioneer in the production of potato chips. At the time, potato beetles were ravaging crops and the family was looking for an isolated spot with sandy soil where pests were unlikely. They built a summer getaway on Streeter Lake and cleared a hundred acres to grow potatoes. The business was eventually sold to Wise Potato Chips, and the land was sold to the state in 1975. It is now part of the Aldrich Pond Wild Forest.

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Schulers Tomb 2
Lean-To over looking Streeter Lake
Charles Schulers Tomb

The hike into Schulers is very short. You can drive most the way there until you get to a gate where after you can either walk or ride a bike. 2 minutes after the gate youll come to the potatoe patch which is now a huge bed of moss and an assortment of trees. If you keep following the trail it will take you to the lean-to which over looks streeter lake. If you follow the trail and take 2 rights you will come to the moseleum as seen above. if you go back and take a left it will take you to crystal lake.

You can camp at most of these locations. Crystal Lake is a great place to spend a warm day swimming. There are alot of trails you can hike or bike. Its a beautiful place to spend a nice day.
Streeter Lake
Remnants of The Experimental Potato Patch