This paper mill was formed in 1894 by the Newton Family. But there hasn't been a new paper mill built in the United States in over 30 years. In the past decade there have been 150 mills that have shut down in the United States.If you want to find out more information you can check out A time before unions there were a group of people that were not affraid of getting fired. They started strikes at are towns paper mill. Then there were the people who fought for them. Then the owner said ok to the union. These are some of the pictures of the very first paper mill union starting. The people in the picture are from the left Bob Labounty, Unknown , William LaPlant, unkown, and unkown. So after William LaPlant fought for the peoples rights (but he didn't do it alone the people went on strikes and did all of the normal stuff they did) they had the very first union in Newton Falls.

This is a picture of the first 5 people starting the first union at Newton Falls.