Fine Fire Hall Department

document.jpgIn 1961 Kenneth Campbell was chairman of the Fine Fire Commisioners
In 1962 the Board of Fire Commisoners have approved the following members as designated drivers of F-800 and the Ford Tank Truck: Charles Ladison, Wallace Stonwell, George Klock, Frank Silsby, Morgan Vanhouse, Donald Shank. And for the Ford Tank Truck Drivers: Lewis Kerr, Daniel Cahill, Arthur Austin and James Jarvis. Drivers Listed under the Ford F-800 are authorized to drive any of the Fire Vehicles.
This is the list of officials in the Fine Fire Department in 1962:
Chief- George Klock
Assistant Chief- Ed. Anturine
Secretary- Alvin Austin
Treasure- Don Shank
Steward- Weldon BogardusResized_3.JPG
Sargent at Arms- Alvy Kybr
Trusty- Morgan Van House-1 yr
Vernan Kerr- 2yrs

Paid up active member eligible to vote are as follows:
Ed Antwine
Joe Antwine
Alivin Austine
Art Austin
John Bogardus
Allen Brown
Herbert Dafoe
Irving Dafoe
Gary Daniles
Charles DavenportResized_1.JPG
James Davenport
Bert Demmons
Joe Durham
Levie Durham
Charles Folsom
Wm. Frawley
Robert Gebo
Martin Harvey
Harry Hitchman
Warren Hubbard
Lewis Kerr
Vernon Kerr
Fred Kyer
Roland McCollop
Albert Moote
Frank Peabody Jr.Resized_2.JPG
Frank Peabody Sr.
Roland Park
Wm. Rice
Don Shank
Frank Silsby
Ken Taylor
Mike Terry
Albert Thivierge
Gary Thivierge
Charles Typhair
Morgan Van House
B.M. Welch
Duane Whitney
Don WoodResized_4.JPG